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Looking for a product matching certain criteria? Maybe a particular product type, color, size and condition, within a particular price range?  Looking for a list of everything you have consigned with ReSashay? 

  1. Let's say you are shopping for a blue petticoat, size petite, in excellent condition priced from $30.00 to $40.00.    In the FIND box enter the keywords: blue petticoat petite excellent.  In the PRICE FROM box enter 30.00.  In the PRICE TO box enter 40.00.  Click the SEARCH button.  A listing of all products matching your criteria is generated. 
  2. Let's say you have consigned merchandise with ReSashay and would like to see a listing of your entire product line currently for sale.  In the SKU field enter your consignor number followed by an asterisk.  For example, if your consignor number were c000001, then you would enter c000001* in the SKU field.  Click the SEARCH button. A listing of all products currently for sale on behalf of consignor c000001 is generated.
  3. Let's say you would like to find all items whereby proceeds are donated to benefit square dancing.  In the FIND box enter keywords for the kind, size and type of item you are looking for.  In the SKU field, enter a dash, followed by the letter P and an asterisk, as follows:  -P*  Click the SEARCH button. A listing of all products meeting your criteria whereby the proceeds are donated to square dancing is generated.
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